White-boxing Artificial Intelligence

The Institute advances basic and applied research in Artificial Intelligence

Critical analyses and fundamental studies seek novel insights that shape the future of our society.

We are building a unique environment of world class researchers and industrial scale real-world data openly shared with the scientific community.


World Simulation

The spectacular success of modern control theory realized by reinforcement learning suggests that many real-world problems can be solved via…

Prediction through Description

Recent advances in modern machine learning allow us to exploit big data to study complex challenges that were unsolvable before.…

A Theory of AI

The field of machine learning has undergone a revolution: Certain well-known ‘black box’ algorithms have shown their long-suspected potential and…

Scientific Leadership

Dr Sepp Hochreiter

Founding Director

Dr Hochreiter is a pioneer in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). He was the first to identify the key obstacle to Deep Learning and then discovered a general approach to address this challenge. He thus became the founding father of modern Deep Learning and AI. He is also a professor at Johannes Kepler University Linz.

Dr David Kreil

Founding Director

Dr Kreil is a leading data scientist with expertise in modelling high dimensional spaces, recently collaborating with the US FDA on benchmarking and calibrating next generation sequencing assays. He has chaired the international data analysis contest CAMDA since 2008. He is also a professor at Boku University Vienna.

Dr Michael Kopp​

Founding Director

Dr Michael Kopp is a mathematician bringing decades of expertise in modelling, risk assessment, advanced data analysis and machine learning.


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