Every NeurIPS delegate is welcome to attend the Traffic4cast Competition Track session on 14 Dec Saturday from 3pm!

The session is introduced by our very own Sepp Hochreiter and Leonid Sigal of the University of British Columbia. Six selected leading contributors to the Traffic4cast competition will present highlights of their work, complemented by presentations putting the work into a wider context – the relation to traditional movie frame prediction, the relevance to the traffic modelling community, an assessment of leaderboard rankings, etc.

The session closes with the Awards ceremony for this year’s Traffic4cast prizes.

The highlight presentations in this NeurIPS Competition Track session are complemented on Sunday by the full-day IARAI Traffic4cast symposium, providing an extended opportunity for scientific exchange. The full-day symposium is held in the Salt Spring Island Room of the Fairmont Vancouver Hotel, just 5 minutes walking from NeurIPS, down Burrard street.

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