Participants in the Traffic4Cast competition are still welcome to submit research results until November 27th. Successful submissions have the chance to join us and win up to five additional presentation slots at the fully booked NeurIPS 2019 conference. Hurry and join IARAI in Vancouver from 8th to 14th December 2019, and present your latest research results at the largest international machine learning conference.

Extended abstracts can cover any of the following areas:

  • Additional research related to the Traffic4cast 2019 core competition offering any substantial new insights.
  • Research on transfer learning in the Traffic4cast 2019 prediction: Train your model on one or two cities and predict on a different city! – what common patterns can be learned?
  • Research on identifying any underlying rules learned by models of the Traffic4cast 2019 prediction.

The competition organizers look forward to your submissions! Winners of the last presentation slots will be announced on November 28th. Submissions are also invited to apply for the IARAI New Year Fellowship, a fully funded 12-month research placement at IARAI in Vienna. For more information visit our forum.

Traffic4Cast is an interdisciplinary competition on traffic forecasting, hosted by IARAI. The core competition is to predict short-term traffic flows based on data from 100 billion probe points covering three entire cities. This industrial-scale data, provided by HERE Technologies, allows analyses of unprecedented scope and detail. Read more about Traffic4Cast.


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