The Institute of Advanced Research in Artificial Intelligence (IARAI), Vienna, runs a 2-3 month interdisciplinary Scientific Programme on Earth Observation and Artificial Intelligence (AI&EO) for June-Sept 2021 (subject to the international travel situation).

The Programme serves as a hub for scientific exchange, allowing senior leaders of the field and young rising stars to mingle through visits or periods of residency at the institute (travel & accommodation covered). Programme membership is by invitation or application only. This is complemented by public seminars or workshops focusing on specific aspects of the Programme.

The Programme aims to spark and deepen collaborations in the field, with novel ground-breaking joint research and high impact publications

Recommend a colleague or apply for yourself. Please upload a PDF (no more than 2 pages) on your preferences – how often / for how long you would like to come, and what aspects of the field you would be most excited to explore at the Programme?

Our scientific committee members:
Pedram Ghamisi
David Kreil
Michael Kopp
Peter Atkinson
Sepp Hochreiter

Please reach out if you have any questions.
Pedram Ghamisi
AI&EO Programme Chair

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