Markus Spanring



M. Neun, C. Eichenberger, H. Martin, M. Spanring, R. Siripurapu, D. Springer, L. Deng, C. Wu, D. Lian, M. Zhou, M. Lumiste, A. Ilie, X. Wu, C. Lyu, Q.-L. Lu, V. Mahajan, Y. Lu, J. Li, J. Li, Y.-J. Gong, F. Grötschla, J. Mathys, Y. Wei, H. Haitao, H. Fang, K. Malm, F. Tang, M. Kopp, D. Kreil, and S. Hochreiter (2023) Traffic4cast at NeurIPS 2022 – Predict Dynamics along Graph Edges from Sparse Node Data: Whole City Traffic and ETA from Stationary Vehicle Detectors. arXiv:2303.07758, 2023-03-14. (more) (download)


I. Svogor, C. Eichenberger, M. Spanring, M. Neun, and M. Kopp (2022) Profiling and Improving the PyTorch Dataloader for High-Latency Storage: A Technical Report. arXiv:2211.04908, 2022-11-09. (more) (download)

C. Eichenberger, M. Neun, H. Martin, P. Herruzo, M. Spanring, Y. Lu, S. Choi, V. Konyakhin, N. Lukashina, A. Shpilman, N. Wiedemann, M. Raubal, B. Wang, H. L. Vu, R. Mohajerpoor, C. Cai, I. Kim, L. Hermes, A. Melnik, R. Velioglu, M. Vieth, M. Schilling, A. Bojesomo, H. Al Marzouqi, P. Liatsis, J. Santokhi, D. Hillier, Y. Yang, J. Sarwar, A. Jordan, E. Hewage, D. Jonietz, F. Tang, A. Gruca, M. Kopp, D. Kreil, and S. Hochreiter (2022) Traffic4cast at NeurIPS 2021 – Temporal and Spatial Few-Shot Transfer Learning in Gridded Geo-Spatial Processes. NeurIPS 2021 Competitions and Demonstrations Track, PMLR, 176, 97-112, 2022-07-20. (more) (download)


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