Weikang Yu, Yonghao Xu, and Pedram Ghamisi


An overview of the proposed architecture.

Deep neural networks (DNNs) have achieved tremendous success in many remote sensing (RS) applications, in which DNNs are vulnerable to adversarial perturbations. Unfortunately, current adversarial defense approaches in RS studies usually suffer from performance fluctuation and unnecessary re-training costs due to the need for prior knowledge of the adversarial perturbations among RS data. To circumvent these challenges, we propose a universal adversarial defense approach in RS imagery (UAD-RS) using pre-trained diffusion models to defend the common DNNs against multiple unknown adversarial attacks. Specifically, the generative diffusion models are first pre-trained on different RS datasets to learn generalized representations in various data domains. After that, a universal adversarial purification framework is developed using the forward and reverse process of the pre-trained diffusion models to purify the perturbations from adversarial samples. Furthermore, an adaptive noise level selection (ANLS) mechanism is built to capture the optimal noise level of the diffusion model that can achieve the best purification results closest to the clean samples according to their Frechet Inception Distance (FID) in deep feature space. As a result, only a single pre-trained diffusion model is needed for the universal purification of adversarial samples on each dataset, which significantly alleviates the re-training efforts and maintains high performance without prior knowledge of the adversarial perturbations. Experiments on four heterogeneous RS datasets regarding scene classification and semantic segmentation verify that UAD-RS outperforms state-of-the-art adversarial purification approaches with a universal defense against seven commonly existing adversarial perturbations. Codes and the pre-trained models are available on GitHub.

arXiv:2307.16865, 2023-07-31.

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IARAI Authors
Yonghao Xu, Dr. Pedram Ghamisi
Algorithms, Remote Sensing
Adversarial Defense, Adversarial Example, Diffusion Model, Remote Sensing, Scene Classification, Semantic Segmentation


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