Max Franke, Henry Martin, Steffen Koch, and Kuno Kurzhals

Visualization framework.

Web-based prototype of the proposed visualization framework: the map and the temporal view.

It is crucial to visually extrapolate the characteristics of their evolution to understand critical spatio-temporal events such as earthquakes, fires, or the spreading of a disease. Animations embedded in the spatial context can be helpful for understanding details, but have proven to be less effective for overview and comparison tasks. We present an interactive approach for the exploration of spatio-temporal data, based on a set of neighborhood-preserving 1D projections which help identify patterns and support the comparison of numerous time steps and multivariate data. An important objective of the proposed approach is the visual description of local neighborhoods in the 1D projection to reveal patterns of similarity and propagation. As this locality cannot generally be guaranteed, we provide a selection of different projection techniques, as well as a hierarchical approach, to support the analysis of different data characteristics. In addition, we offer an interactive exploration technique to reorganize and improve the mapping locally to users’ foci of interest. We demonstrate the usefulness of our approach with different real-world application scenarios and discuss the feedback we received from domain and visualization experts.

Eurographics Conference on Visualization (EuroVis), 40, 3, 2021-06-17.

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IARAI Authors
Henry Martin
Data Analysis & Visualization
Dimensionality Reduction, Multidimensional Scaling, Spatiotemporal Data, Visualization


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