Organizing team

Sepp Hochreiter​

Director of the Institute of Advanced Research in Artificial Intelligence. He is also the head of the Institute for Machine Learning and the LITAI Lab and a professor at the Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria.

David Kreil​

Director of the Institute of Advanced Research in Artificial Intelligence. He is also a professor at Boku University Vienna, Austria. He runs a bioinformatics research group that focuses on analysing, calibrating, and bench-marking genome-scale quantitative assays.

Michael Kopp​

Researcher at HERE Technologies and a director of the Institute of Advanced Research in Artificial Intelligence (IARAI). His background is in pure mathematics, mathematical modelling in finance and machine learning. Advancing and applying new strands of the latter to solving real world problems currently occupies his interest.

David Jonietz

Researcher at HERE Technologies with a background in the geo-spatial and transportation domains. With his research interests lying mainly in the intersection of computational movement analytics and deep learning, he has extensive scientific experience in the field of knowledge extraction from large trajectory datasets.

Ali Soleymani

Researcher and engineer at HERE Technologies. With a back-ground in GIS science and 3 years of working experience in the industry, his main interest lies in the intersection between big data technologies for handling large amounts of geospatial data and machine learning methods to analyze such data.

Bernhard Nessler

Leader of the Audi.JKU Deep Learning Center (DLC) at the LIT AI Lab of the Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria. His current field of research is supervised, self-supervised, and reinforcement learning for self-driving cars. He has a broad spectrum or scientific working experience ranging from computational neuroscience to machine learning and deep learning.

Markus Hofmarcher

Experienced researcher in the Audi.JKU DLC. He has extensive knowledge in deep learning architectures for images and sequences. He is also part of a working group for explainable AI in Sepp Hochreiter’s Lab and experienced in dealing with heterogeneous data.

Andreas Mitterecker

Machine learning researcher in the Medical CognitiveComputing Center (MC3) at Sepp Hochreiter’s Institute at the JKU Linz. He has extensive experience in working with large heterogeneous data sets. He also has worked on the semantic segmentation of images in the context of self-driving cars.

Moritz Neun

 Researcher and engineer at HERE Technologies. His background is geo-spatial big data processing and analytics, geo-spatial search and transport optimization. As an engineer and researcher he is interested in the intersection between ML for geo-spatial problems and their application at scale.

Dirk Geschke

Senior computer and network security expert at GeNUA GmbH responsible for IARAI infrastructure and platforms.

Gabriel Fratica

Senior Full Stack Developer specialised in WordPress coding, responsible for IARAI web platform development.


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